Digital Visitor Analysis
with the occupancy Manager

Analyze Your Trade Fair Appearance...

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How many people are where? Where they remain for a while longer? What are the zones are strong, which are less frequented? What are the actions? Our digital visitor analysis of occupancy Manager collects all the data in real time and enables you to make your trade fair appearance during the duration of the exhibition to analyse and, if necessary, to initiate emergency measures. In addition, you can compare on the basis of the collected evaluations of the same or different trade show appearances over the years.


Always know what exactly is going on

As the Basis for the digital visitor analysis, it is essential that you have at any time full control over the utilization of their booth. The visit to the narrative of the occupancy Manager To be recorded in real time all the people and Disposals (counting accuracy 99%) and informed you and your employees, if necessary, without loss of time about the current Situation.


Looking ahead, acting where others only react

The occupancy Manager works in real-time. Thus, you will always have an accurate picture of the actual usage of your space. Bottlenecks at critical points can be detected with precision. A subject area is frequented on your exhibition stand at a time of particularly strong, then you are conducting staff from less-visited Parts in this area. Thus, let no one willing to be missed.


Actual visit to the analysis instead of data noise

Instead of the usual data noise that is generated by the detection of people at your booth, provides you with the occupancy Manager specific information about easy to define groups of people. Therefore, you can recognize on the Basis of the pattern of movement of employees as well as by runners or real prospects.

Zone Cross-Path Analysis

With our high-precision 3D Sensors a virtually unlimited large area to monitor. The total area can be structured in logical zones and entry lines. The occupancy Manager provides for all zones, the number of visitors, their Residence times and the corresponding path analysis. So you can easily identify Hotspots and areas with a lower attraction in your exhibition space.


The planning and Installation of the analysis system and the configuration of the analysis platform is always individually tailored to the respective sales area and the requirements of our customers. As a system integrator, we do it for many years, with our own Teams, all of the necessary tasks. From the planning, the provision of Hardware from our own IT Parkthe on-site Installation and Software configuration and training of your staff or technical support on-site during the entire period of validity. You can speak to us.

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